our story


Grace Mountain 创立于2010年,源于我在青年时期立下的志向,想要创立一个符合自己理念的品牌—-诚信,精致,实用。对西洋参的接触始于自己学生时代一次购买西洋参的经历,当时市场的混乱使我产生了到源头探个究竟的兴趣,于是和朋友一同驱车前往安省花旗参农场考察。在和几位农场主的交谈中发现其实花旗参是有不同的参龄和品质的区别,而且种植参的工艺及其艰辛和复杂。结合早就在网络和亲友中听说花旗参对人体健康的益处,再用一年多时间验证和确定安省花旗参的功效后,我开始正式投入建立我的值得信赖的高品质花旗参—Grace Mountain品牌梦的实践。

Grace Mountain Nutrition House was founded in 2010, out of my compassion to create a high quality, trustworthy and practical brand name. When I was a student, I went to buy ginseng for my relatives in China. I found that the market was misleading and consumers were left confused.  Out of my curiosity I drove to Ontario ginseng farms with my friend to know more about ginseng. After talking with a few ginseng farmers, I learnt that there are major differences in ginseng age and quality, also it is a great deal of hard work and complexity to grow ginseng. Based on the knowledge of the health benefits of North American ginsengs, I spent one more year to investigate and study ginseng itself and its various benefits. From there, I  made up my mind to devote myself in ginseng business and realize my dream of building a trustworthy brand –Grace Mountain ginseng.



Grace是我太太的名字,取名的当时还是男女朋友。那是觉得用她的名字来做一个心目中的品牌非常的有意义,也作为一个爱的符号共同来珍爱纪念。就这样经过她同意后,心中就决定取名为Grace Mountain 作为品牌名,因为Mountain 代表自然和力量,非常符合我们对花旗参的认知。2014年加拿大政府正式批准通过Grace Mountain 成为加拿大注册商标并予以保护。

Grace Mountain was named after my wife, Grace. Back then we were still dating and I thought it was so very meaningful to use her name in my dream brand, to celebrate and cherish our love. ‘Mountain‘ symbolize nature and strengths, which in my opinion is the right fit for ginseng. After Grace gave her permission, I decided to use “Grace Mountain” as my brand name. In 2014, ‘Grace Mountain’ has become registered trade mark in Canada.