the best quality & top grade gINSENG

Each single ginseng root at Grace Mountain is from Ontario ginseng farms, where the unique sandy soil is perfect for cultivating ginseng. Grace Mountain only selects the best quality ginseng from the farms, thereby ensuring the best quality and top grade.

 5 year Ontario ginseng Only

Only 5 year Ontario ginseng. For now, the majority (99%) of ginseng on the market in Ontario is harvested after 3 or 4 years, while the 5-year ginseng accounts for less than 1%, which makes it especially valuable. Scarcity, higher nutrition and an incomparable tastiest us apart.

we “only sell the best ginseng”

Professionally graded, hand trimmed by professionals. At Grace Mountain, we “only sell the best ginseng”.

Premium designer package

All packaging materials are FDA compliant for direct food contact. Professionally and custom designed to suit your taste.