North American Ginseng Benefits
  • improves working memory and attentiveness
  • a strong antioxidant with anti-aging effect
  • relieves stress and fatigue
  • lowers blood glucose level and helps with diabetes
  • suppresses cancer growth
  • reduces severity and duration of cold and flu

supports a healthy immune system, with anti-inflammatory effects

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How is North American Ginseng different from Korean ginseng?

a. American Ginseng comes with a more cooling nature and so can be used during hot weather conditions. Korean Ginseng is warmer in nature and fit for colder conditions.
b. American ginseng is considered to be more relaxing and sedative, the Korean ginseng is invigorating and stimulating.
c. American ginseng is known to increase the “yin” energy, Korean Ginseng is known to increase “yang” energy.